General LaBrutta

Wrongful Convictions, Suicides and Murder one man at the center of it all General Robert LaBrutta.

“Brig. Gen. Bob LaBrutta is relinquishing command of the 502d Air Base Wing this morning. But should he be really be so proud and honored about his three years at the helm of Joint Base San Antonio?

Not if you ask Maj. Michael Turpiano, an officer LaBrutta wrongfully prosecuted for alleged crimes he did not commit – then refused to grant clemency despite clear evidence of misconduct by his chain of command, the Office of Special Investigations, and prosecutors (

Then there’s the case of CMSgt Eric Soluri, whom LaBrutta hounded into retirement over absurd allegations nearly a decade after the fact (…/soluri-civilian-mi…/22597391/).

LaBrutta also apparently went after Soluri’s former commander, Col. Chris de los Santos, who later tragically took his own life (

More recently, LaBrutta dismissed the death of a squadron commander at the hands of his subordinate as a “one-off” – taking no responsibility whatsoever for the command climate he cultivated on his watch (

So how does the Air Force hold such a controversial senior leader accountable for his actions? By promoting him and giving him another command.” (Never Leave an Airman Behind)