Triple Murder, False Rape Allegations and the corruption of both a police department and the U.S. Army…Update in the False Accusation and Wrongful Conviction Case of Army Major “Kit” Martin:

“NCFM has an update in the case of Army Major Kit Martin about the November 2015 unsolved triple homicide in Pembroke, Kentucky. One of the murder victims was Calvin Phillips, a married man involved in an extra marital sexual affair with Major Martin’s dangerous, bigamist, convicted felon, lying and conniving ex-wife; Joan Harmon-Guerra.

Followers of the Major Christian “Kit” Martin saga may recall Harmon-Guerra accused him of child abuse, sexual assault, even international spying. Because of politically correct pressure to end sexual assaults in the military, Major Martin suffered undue command influence, albeit a General more concerned with his career than standing tall for his soldiers. After thorough investigations, civilian authorities cleared him of Harmon-Guerra’s accusations. Then, the Army piled on even more charges a year and a half later. Fortunately, in this case, truth prevailed. At courts-martial, Major Martin was acquitted of hateful Harmon-Guerra’s false, malicious and ruinous accusations.

Regardless, army prosecutors had to save face and Major Martin fell to two minor trumped-up misdemeanors. He then spent several weeks incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth, forfeited pay and benefits, and was dismissed from the Army (dishonorably discharged).

Phillips, became a key defense witness in Major Martin’s courts-martial, but murdered before the courts-martial began. Police found him dead by gunshot wounds, at home, in his basement, directly across the street from Major Martin’s house.

Also found dead were Phillip’s wife Pam and their neighbor, Ed Dansereau. Both discovered shot dead in Pam’s torched Nissan so badly burned initial identification was impossible.” (NCFM)

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