Save Our Heroes Files Complaint with Tennessee Bar & USDOJ – Army JAG Judge, & Former Prosecutor, LTC Jacob Bashore in the Wrongful Conviction of Army Sergeant Mario Jeffers.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Sir Edmund Burk, 18th century Philosopher & Statesman

On October 25, SOH took the bold step to file a formal complaint with the Tennessee State Bar and the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, involving the actions of Army JAG judge and former prosecutor, Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Bashore.

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Bashore

LTC Jacob Bashore

Bashore was previously a Special Victims Prosecutor at Fort Campbell Kentucky and was recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and appointed as a judge at Fort Hood Texas.

This complaint stems from Bashore’s wrongful prosecution and conviction of Sergeant Mario Jeffers of Fort Campbell, for sexual assault in November of 2015.

SGT Mario Jeffers

SGT Mario Jeffers

Documents obtained by SOH reveals that Jeffers was falsely accused of rape by a female soldier; Jacita Upshaw, off the base at Fort Campbell in late summer of 2014. She first reported this to the Clarksville Tennessee Police Department who conducted an investigation.

On August 4, 2014, a detective with the Claskville PD conducted a follow-up interview with Upshaw that was video recorded and an unnamed Army CID agent from Fort Campbell was in attendance. During that interview, Upshaw admitted that the sex between her and Jeffers was, in fact, CONSENSUAL.

The case was determined to be unfounded and closed, as is revealed by the screen shot of the official CPD report below.

SGT Mario Jeffers Police ReportSOH learned that Upshaw was facing disciplinary problems and was about to be deployed, and a year later, made the same sexual assault allegation with CID agents at Fort Campbell; the same allegations that had been determined to be without merit a year earlier by Clarksville PD.

Even though Upshaw made a videotaped admission to the Clarksville PD that the sex between the two was consensual and the detective had determined that no crime had occurred, it did not stop Fort Campbell JAG officials from pursuing a sexual assault charge against him.

SOH learned at the conclusion of the Article 32 Hearing (preliminary hearing); the Article 32 hearing officer; Captain Patrick Sweeney determined that there was insufficient probable cause that Sgt. Jeffers committed any offense, as depicted in the screen shot of the Article 32 report below.

SGT Mario Jeffers Article 32 ReportDespite these facts of innocence, Special Victim Prosecutor Major (now LTC) Jacob Bashore prosecuted and subsequently convicted Sgt. Jeffers of sexual assault. What types and methods of the manipulation of the court-martial process occurred, are yet to be determined?


Sgt. Jeffers was subsequently convicted in a one day, judge only trial, sentenced to six years of confinement, reduced in rank to E1 and a dishonorable discharge. Sgt. Jeffers remains in confinement at Leavenworth to this day.

This folks, is the sheer lunacy of the current sexual assault witch hunt currently underway in our military. A sexual assault case which has no factual basis, no truth, and no probable cause was prosecuted anyway.

At the heart of this persecution is Army JAG Special Victim Prosecutor Major Jacob Bashore who has since been promoted and is now serving as a judge at Fort Hood Texas.

SOH is aware that this is now the THIRD state bar complaint involving Bashore. One was filed by defense counsel in the case of Major Kit Martin and another was filed in the cases of Major Kit Martin and Sergeant First Class Kelly Stewart by the National Coalition for Men []; both soldiers who we have chronicled on these pages.

The wrongful prosecution and conviction of SFC Kelly Stewart by Bashore, was chronicled in a bestselling book ‘Three Days in August’ [] by Investigative Reporter Bob McCarty [].

Three days in August

Besides the applicable Tennessee State Bar Professional Rules of Conduct violations, the NCFM complaint also alleges possible violations of federal law to include;


As such, that complaint, as well as the one filed by SOH was also sent to the USDOJ, Criminal Section, Civil Rights Division.

It is explicitly clear that Jacob Bashore is completely void of ethics or conscience; knowingly prosecuting innocent soldiers for sex crimes that never happened. Bashore has a significant history, and pattern and practice of prosecuting innocent soldiers, to the extent that he has been placed on the “Hall of Shame” [] of the website, Military Corruption dot com; one of only a handful of corrupt military personnel ever bestowed such a despicable title by MCC.


These alleged violations by Bashore are not mistakes or inadvertent errors in judgment. They are intentional, malicious, and CRIMINAL.

SOH is looking at other cases where Bashore acted as a Special Victim Prosecutor and if other examples of persecution, prosecutorial misconduct and overreach are discovered, additional appropriate complaints will be filed.