The Save Our Heroes team just got back from its third trip to Capital Hill.  Just like the last trip, it was very successful in helping law makers understand how the military judicial system is not working.  Our team’s message of removing the Convening Authority position, a jury consisting of twelve people, and unanimous consent to convict was well received.  These three changes, all mirroring the civilian system, will mitigate the political pressures and the resulting injustice.  In addition, Save Our Heroes is requesting Congressional Hearings on the military judicial system.  Save Our Heroes believes Congressional Hearings are paramount to restoring justice.

Our team can not thank the Congressional members we met with enough for their understanding and informed inputs.  These leaders understand there is a serious problem and have offered their help in crafting solutions.  The Save Our Heroes team will be making a Capital Hill trip at least once a month until military justice is reformed.  We will continue to send updates after each trip and encourage those in agreement to write their Congressional delegation.

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