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1 October 2018

Our nation is currently witnessing the evisceration of the presumption of innocence and the severe reduction of due process and constitutional protections. Sadly, and for some time, our service members have been experiencing these same losses when certain allegations surface. The presumption of innocence has been replaced by the presumption of guilt, and changes to the military justice system has made the task of defending oneself nearly impossible in certain cases that have garnered significant news media attention.

Service members who face false allegations without the presumption of innocence have had their lives and the lives of their families destroyed, and sadly, some have taken their own lives, adding to the already dismal statistic of service member and veteran suicides. Our service members, who sacrifice and sometimes give their lives in defense of our great nation deserve the same due process and constitutional protections that all Americans are afforded.

Save Our Heroes’ (SOH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2015, and is devoted to passionately advocating and supporting, U.S. service members and their families, who are facing false allegations, wrongful military justice action, and those who have been wrongfully convicted. SOH, along with similar organizations, works with legislators for common sense military justice reform, and works towards holding those accountable who pervert the military justice system. Our Directors, Advisors, and Volunteers are men and women from a wide variety of professions; including current, former, and retired service members from all branches. You can learn more about SOH, our interests and efforts, by visiting our website,

Save Our Heroes’ asks that you contact your elected representatives and demand legislative reform and accountability for our military heroes’ who have earned the right to a fair and equal military justice process. Please feel free to reach out to Save Our Heroes’ and share your stories and experiences, so together, we can all work towards a fair and equal military justice system for all servicemen and service women.

Sincerely & Respectfully,


Doug James, COL. (Ret.), USAF
President & Chairman of the Board of Directors Save Our Heroes’
10650 Culebra Road, Suite 104, Box 106
San Antonio, TX 78251

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The new Save Our Heroes web site!!

It is my honor to welcome you to the new and improved Save Our Heroes web site. The Save Our Heroes team has spent a lot of time producing not only this site, but its new associated branding. These new symbols not only demonstrate the professionalism of our team, but they attest to the dedication of our volunteers to make our vision of a fair military judicial system, reality.

When I took the job as President two years ago, I did not realize how tough it was going to be for our organization to be a catalyst for change of a politically influenced military judicial system. Like most Americans, I was naïve in thinking the military judicial system was fair and efficient. Unfortunately, through legal research, hearing service member stories, and trying to understand today’s political environment, I am resigned to the fact re-aligning the military judicial system back to basic norms, will be a long and difficult fight. Our new branding is just a small outward example of the Save Our Heroes team’s re-energized path towards success. More importantly this site will allow us to better support those heroes and their families who have been falsely accused.

I encourage you to help our cause whether by donation or volunteering. The Save Our Heroes Board values the sacrifices of our donors and volunteers. Even the smallest of donations, or minute of your time, can set the foundation for saving a hero!

Thank you!!!

Doug James, COL. (Ret.), USAF
President – Save Our Heroes