Save Our Heroes and Congress

At Save Our Heroes we understand injustices occur within the military justice system (UMCJ).  We also understand working with Congress is the best way to reduce the systemic problems that propagate injustices which result in wrongful convictions and miscarriages of justice. Save Our Heroes makes monthly visits to Washington, DC to help educate Congressional leadership on inherent flaws within the military judicial system. Congressional changes are paramount not only for justice, but National Security.

Our current Congressional Initiatives:

  • Requiring 12 jury members for all Felony level trials
  • A unanimous jury consent to convict
  • The elimination of the Special Victims Advocate (SVA) Position
  • Ten or more U.S. Senator votes required to stop a General Officer (GO) promotion
  • Reform the Convening Authority (CA) position
  • Removal of the ‘Ferris Doctrine’
  • Federal Investigation and Prosecution of False Accusers
  • Eliminate current practice of giving benefits to alleged victim w/no questions asked (ex: VA benefits)
  • Create a Conviction Integrity Unit to review all DOD felony level charges

How can you help?