Cmdr. Aaron Rugh

Cmdr. Aaron Rugh

Navy judge Cmdr. Aaron Rugh accused of lying faces investigation.

“Now Rugh’s future — and potentially dozens of criminal appeals he has overseen — is being threatened by the fallout from the flawed investigation into Marine Maj. Mark Thompson, a former instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy convicted of having sex with two female midshipmen.

The controversy surrounding Rugh has exposed the military’s lack of transparency when judges are accused of misconduct. For weeks, the Navy wouldn’t ­acknowledge that the inquiry ­delayed Rugh’s promotion or that the 20-year veteran is under ­review.

After the Washington Post report was published online Wednesday, the Navy’s deputy chief of information, Capt. Amy Derrick, told the The Post that Rugh was indeed the subject of an ethics investigation launched in August and that a hearing had been held Oct. 3.” (Washington Post)

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