Michael Conzachi

Michael Conzachi

‘Save Our Heroes’ is proud to announce Michael ‘Mike” Conzachi has joined Save Our Heroes’ Advisory Board. Mike is an Investigator, Contributing Writer, and Executive Committee Member for the Center for Prosecutor Integrity.

Mike is an Army veteran where he served as an Infantry (L.R.R.P.) NCO Squad Leader in the 82nd Airborne Division, and an honorably retired three-decade Homicide Detective from Southern California. He has been a private investigator for nearly a decade based in SoCal, and is on the Board of Directors, Advisory Boards, or Committees of virtually every leading and major advocacy organization addressing issues in the family court, and false allegations on college campuses and in the military.

Mike has been described by many as being the national ‘point-man’ whose tireless efforts have spawned the formation of several military false allegation organizations and committees. He has been described as a relentless ‘bulldog’ when getting to the facts of a case, and his investigative expertise, work product and advocacy has been described as ‘extraordinary’, ‘bold’ and ‘stellar.’

He has a B.S. degree from the University of Redlands and a college teaching credential. He was selected as a Tactical Officer and Instructor for a regional police academy where he taught for seven years. He is a graduate of the FBI’s VICAP Criminal Profiling course and is a certified California Drug and Alcohol Recognition instructor. He not only excelled in conducting complex investigations, but taught countless other experienced investigators how to do it correctly.

Mike has had a number of cases profiled on Court TV, America’s Most Wanted and on local news agencies in and around the shadows of ‘Hollywood’ and the glitter of Los Angeles. He has qualified and testified as an expert in both state and federal courts in several law enforcement disciplines. Some of his cases have been used by various law enforcement training associations as models of accuracy, integrity, and investigative excellence. He has over 100 commendations from various state and federal law enforcement agencies for his investigative excellence.

Through his advocacy work, he has authored a legislative change proposal to the California State Senate calling for restraining order abuse reform, and has over 200 published articles and editorials, primarily on false allegation cases on college campuses and in the military.

He has developed an outstanding national reputation among many defense legal professionals, advocacy group leaders, investigative journalists, authors, and is considered by many as the leader of the current and expanding advocacy efforts exposing the fraud and criminal corruption of the military’s sexual assault ‘witch-hunt.’ At one time, he considered and was being groomed for an elected political office position in the State of California.

Mike is a fierce advocate for the falsely accused and has initiated bringing attention to various corruption related governmental oversight bodies and grand juries, examples of law enforcement, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct and corruption. He frequently consults with former NYPD Detective Frank Serpico on public corruption and governmental ethics violation issues.

Save Our Heroes’ is truly blessed to have Mike on board as his experience, wisdom, knowledge, insight, logic and common sense are priceless.

In his limited spare time, he enjoys spending time with his adult children, fitness activities, surfing and golf, volunteers his time at a regional V.A. Hospital and with Team Red White and Blue on surfing excursions with disabled veterans, some with missing limbs.

He explains his lifelong dedication to doing the right thing, as explained in the following quote;

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke, 18th century political philosopher and statesman