Mission and Vision

Save Our Heroes is a non-profit organization, formed in 2015, devoted to ensuring justice in the military judicial system, that those within the system are afforded basic judicial rights, and leadership are held accountable.  Save Our Heroes uses a three pillared strategy to make this vision reality:

  • Support service members and their families, facing false accusations and wrongful convictions.
  • Propose legislative changes to realign the military judicial system to remove weaknesses.
  • Hold all leadership accountable for propagating a military judicial system which fails to ensure justice or fairness.

Save Our Heroes Volunteers

Save Our Heroes is a team of over 100 volunteers from a wide variety of professions; including current, former, and retired military members from all branches. These volunteers dedicate their time and talents to helping others and bringing justice to the military judicial system. These volunteers work to ensure military justice by research, advocacy and pushing congressional initiatives to seek justice for all. In a cooperative effort with similar organizations, we advocate on pending cases and work towards evidence-based solutions to reform the military justice system and most importantly prevent future injustice.

Save Our Heroes currently represents over 280 military families in their fight towards exoneration. Our organization has directly assisted in the exoneration of seven wrongfully convicted military heroes removing a total of 48 years of confinement from their sentences.  Additionally, Save Our Heroes has directly assisted 37 falsely accused service members preventing wrongful convictions that could range from incarceration to the death penalty.

Volunteer Areas:

  • Strategic Planning and Administrative
  • Congressional Initiatives and Case Support
  • Public Relations and Fundraising
  • and more…

Current Save Our Heroes Initiatives

  • Congressional Awareness leading to Legislative changes
  • Public Awareness
  • Notify Legal Agencies of unethical Prosecutors and Lawyers