Hiring the wrong lawyer can cost you big. Meet Mr. Ernesto Gapasin, Attorney at Law

Mr. Ernesto Gapasin

Civilian defense lawyer Mr. Ernesto Gapasin severely misses the mark representing his client in a recent decision from the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals U.S. vs Smith. (see U.S. vs Smith decided 15 May 2017 http://afcca.law.af.mil/content/afcca_opinions/cp/smith-38971.u_corrected_copy.pdf)

Judge SANTORO delivered the opinion of the court, in which Senior Judge J. BROWN and Judge MINK joined. The judges state “This court’s rules of practice require that each error for which appellate review is sought must be separately set forth. A.F. CT. CRIM. APP. RULE 15(a). Although Appellant’s civilian counsel “Mr. Gapasin” specifically set forth the five errors noted above, his meandering brief is peppered with claimed errors and irregularities that are not related to the five assigned errors. His failure to comply with this court’s rules waives consideration of those alleged errors not set forth with specificity.”

On Mr. Gapasin’s website at http://www.militarylawyer-defense.com/ he states “Our Client Service, Court-Martial Experience, and Results Set Us Apart From The Rest.” We agree that Mr. Gapasin is truly set apart from the rest. Emphasis added “his meandering brief is peppered with claimed errors and irregularities that are not related to the five assigned errors.”

Definition of Meandering = to proceed by or take a winding or indirect course: to wander aimlessly; ramble:

Not surprisingly Mr. Gapasin can also be found on AVVO.com at https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/65804-mo-ernesto-gapasin-1861104.html where he has a perfect 10 out 10 rating. However, Save Our Heroes has already reviewed and broke the code on this scam site learn more at http://saveourheroesproject.org/avvo-com-is-a-scam/

The bottom-line is you cannot trust your future to a lawyer that doesn’t deliver you have too much on the line.

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