The Case of CDR Benjamin Strickland. We hope you take the time to read up on this tragic injustice and help us share this story.

As it stands now, military law is managed more akin to a criminal syndicate, “serving” a purpose of providing political hit jobs for the top brass, than existing as entities interested in the pursuit of military justice. So, is in the case of CDR Strickland.

In regards to the specific facts surrounding the case, we refer you to the following links; these include a book as well as articles written on the subject.


The Case of CDR Benjamin Strickland (Unrestricted Coast Guard Chronicles (UCGC) Book 1)


The Case of CDR Benjamin Strickland:


More information on the Case of CDR Benjamin Strickland


Chief Warrant Officer Albert J. “AJ” Scholz branded “Cyber Terrorist”


Chief Warrant Officer Aaron W. Woods branded “Cyber Terrorist”


Chief Petty Officer Joseph Sturgis aided “Cyber Terrorists”


Although, CDR Strickland was allowed to retire honorably; that doesn’t excuse the CGIS agents or his former leadership for what they did. He may be one of the more fortunate cases we’ve covered, but he still suffered an injustice. Those responsible for such corruption need to be held accountable, regardless of how “lucky” their victim was. If we allow cases like this to simply be swept under the rug, then they will continue to happen. And not everyone will have such a fortunate result.

We will close with a quote from the author of “The Case of CDR Benjamin Strickland (Unrestricted Coast Guard Chronicles (UCGC)”

“What the Coast Guard did was both a crime and an act of terrorism. It was designed to result in the violent destruction of CDR Strickland’s personal life and career; and to spread terror in the hearts and minds of other officers, cadets, and personnel for the purpose of coercion to make them change their minds and actions when they consider reporting acts of sexual harassment or assault, as it is their sworn duty to do.” (Judge L. Steverson, USALJ (Ret)