Thank you for contacting Save Our Heroes

If you are seeking assistance, please read the following guidelines before submitting a case to Save Our Heroes (SOH).

Save Our Heroes ONLY considers cases which:

The accused/convicted service member is innocent
  2. The accused/convicted service member is willing to share all evidence/information with our staff
  3. The accused/convicted service member is under Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and the case is being handled by the military courts

Note: Save Our Heroes will not help with cases in civilian courts.

Setting the standards of assistance

Save Our Heroes aids via non-legal or binding advice. We help obtain legal assistance, which may cost our clients’ money, but SOH does not receive any money for this assistance from either our clients, or the lawyers our organization recommends. SOH can provide private investigative services, counseling services, legal/military complaints, congressional contacts, will publish online articles, write rebuttals, or contact leaders in the Chain of Command at no cost to the client.

Please keep in mind due to the large number of requests, SOH cannot take an active role in every single case received but will make self-help tools available. Furthermore, by submitting a request for help you are consenting to Save Our Heroes the release of your information to the public to help raise awareness of military justice issues.  Please submit your case information in the space provided below. If you are a family member filling out the request, please answer all the questions for the service member you represent.

Save Our Heroes provides all assistance for free. We rely on charitable donations to support our work and will never solicit money for our services from our clients.

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