Dear Threat to America’s Security,

Recently, I learned first-hand how dangerous our nation’s military is destroying its own people from within. This is some friendly advice on how you can take out a high profile military member without even firing a shot!!

As you may be aware, our military had issues handling allegations of sexual assault. I am not sure anyone disagrees with this initial assessment. There was a need to correct this problem, but instead of logic, our military leadership chose fear as a guide, and over corrected. Instead of fixing the sexual assault problem, using a well thought out plan, they chose to take a ‘Salem Witch Trial’ approach to fixing it.

Mr ‘Threat’ you probably think I’m joking. You probably think a country like America wouldn’t use a dictator type method, but you are wrong. U.S. General Officers realized Congress would be watching how they were going to fix their problem, therefore controlling their promotions, and disregarded common sense. What did these Generals do? Just like the leaders of the ‘Salem Witch Trials’ the Generals do not fully investigate claims, weed out false allegations, or make sure real victims have justice. Instead, the military leadership is more focused on statistics than justice to maintain control. The military is fixated on how well they convict alleged sexual predators. Just like in Salem, it doesn’t matter if a crime was really committed, any allegation becomes the truth as it works its way through the corrupt military judicial system. Don’t believe me? Look at the military press releases. Our military can not wait to say they are taking someone to trial. Who cares if they take an innocent person to trial and then proudly proclaim their prey by sharing the accused name on the world-wide web. This proves to Congress these Salem Witch Trial military leaders are tough on sexual assault and therefore can be trusted to maintain their control. Don’t believe me? Look at the number of times the military shows their convicted sexual assault statics. The military can’t wait to tell America, through their propaganda network, how they convicted an alleged sexual assault predator. What you don’t know is their case could be fabricated from the beginning. If a case was found to be baseless, to save face, this corrupt system will find a very easy to stick collateral charge to throw at the accused. Remember, statistics are important to insure Generals make the next rank. The Generals know it and Prosecutors know it. Prosecutors don’t want to uphold Constitutional rights because they want to be military judges. Appeasing Congress will insure our Generals and Prosecutors travel the fast track to rank utopia. U.S. Generals don’t care how many lives they ruin, this is all part of their guise on sexual assault justice.

‘Threat to America’, here is where you come in. Let’s say you know of someone in the U.S. military with a specialty that can be used against you. Did you know you only need an allegation to take this specialist out of the fight, without even firing a show? It is easy! As long as the military finds your story credible (inside tip, you don’t even have to prove they were in the same country at the time of the alleged offense – see the USAF SSgt Munoz case), due to perceived Congressional pressure a baseless allegation will go all the way to a court-martial.

Why? Today’s military has been indoctrinated to think everything is a sexual assault, even a baseless allegation. Professionally trained attorneys, from American military’s ‘Banana Republic’ judicial system, forget basic Constitutional rights and believe the accused is guilty from an allegation alone! Why would these supposed professionals think this? Because they have limited litigation experience, don’t understand the basics of Sexual Assault in Divorce (SAID), no senior attorney oversight, and have been indoctrinated themselves by the ‘Salem Witch Trial’ leadership. Remember, in today’s military anything is sexual assault and no alleged victim would lie, therefore everyone accused is guilty.

I know you think I’m a crazy American, but I’m not. Lets look at an example of the military’s ‘Banana Republic’ judicial system. Did you know if defense counsel requests a subpoena (ex: for a witness to help the defendant’s case), the defense counsel is required to ask the prosecution? Isn’t that great? As my father used to joke, it’s always wise to put the fox in charge of the hen house. Only, the military is not joking. This process ensures the prosecution is apprised of defense counsel’s theory of the case and possible evidence that could have been used for exoneration. Don’t believe me? There are numerous examples throughout. Luckily for you, the prosecution has their eye on the judge job so they won’t approve the defense witness request anyway. Unlike the civilian system which requires a neutral judge, this is the Congressionally intimidated military. Every defense request goes through the prosecution.

‘Mr. Threat to America’, keep in mind, the ‘Banana Republic’ military judicial process takes many years to work, and the stress on the innocent service member will be phenomenal. With one simple allegation, you, ‘Threat to America’ have already won! The alleged accused has already been ostracized by the Command and their families. You are lucky, the U.S. Constitution will not get in your way. In today’s military, the motto is ‘guilty until proven guilty’. From the moment, an allegation is made, the complainant is referred to as a victim. The system never bothers using the word alleged. In today’s military vernacular, allegation equals guilt.

Now you may be wondering if your allegation is not deemed credible by a Court Martial panel. Don’t worry, the Commander hand picks the panel himself! Remember the Commander needs this trial to go a certain way to maintain his track to leadership utopia. One of the corrupted system’s favorite techniques is to pick people on the panel who he writes performance reports on. A panel member is not going to make his Commander look bad, therefore, guilty!! What makes it even easier is you only need 67% of the panel to convict. Three out of twelve panel members can stand up to the corrupt system, but it won’t be good enough! Your targeted specialist is on his way to jail. Good thing you are going against the U.S. military, because if it was the U.S. civilian system if would have taken 100% consent to convict.

While this may appear worrisome to you, remember, even if the Prosecution realized they had a shaky allegation the result will be the same. Once they figured out the allegation was fake they tacked on several collateral charges unrelated to the original allegation, and fast racked the case to the Court Martial. You, Mr ‘Threat to America’ are still in the winner’s seat! To save face, the government will make sure one of these collateral charges stick. Guess what a collateral charge will take the expert out of the fight and you win!! Finally, even if the service member is exonerated, their career is over. The long-winded investigation and resulting trial made sure this specialists career is over. You win!!

Mr. ‘Threat to America’, it is easy to take people out of the fight in today’s Congressionally intimidated military. The sexual allegation is your secret weapon. Fortunately for you, leadership has forgot about basic Constitutional rights. Unfortunately for the United States, they don’t even realize you have already used it!