Colonel Eugene Caughey

Colonel Eugene Caughey

The Save Our Heroes team was heart-broken to hear Colonel Eugene Caughey, the former vice-commander of the 50th Space Wing, committed suicide. Col Caughey was awaiting a court-martial for allegations of rape, and adultery, dating back to 2013. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Unfortunately, neither Col Caughey, nor his accuser, will never have their time in court. This is not only a tragedy for both of them, but their families as well. We will never know what really happened between Col Caughey and his accuser; criminal or not.

The Save Our Heroes team understands the demons associated with an inept military judicial system. We have all been touched personally with the perception of suicide as an antidote for the corrupt system. The thoughts could have been in one of us, or a family member, but our experience led to a feeling of understanding for Col Caughey’s fateful decision. No it wasn’t right, but we understand. We understand more than most, the second and third order effects associated with the military belief of guilty until proven innocent. Keep in mind we are not saying Col Caughey was innocent, but isn’t that what was written by our fore fathers in the Bill of Rights? Innocent until proven guilty a basic American legal understanding, but in practice doesn’t exist. Save Our Heroes will fight to make our fore father’s desires reality, no matter what segment of society.

Save Our Heroes understands the USAF is doing an investigation of Col Caughey’s death. We strongly encourage the authorities to investigate all aspects. Just like a safety chain which is broken during an aircraft accident, the investigators should look at all major milestones leading to Col Caughey’s death. These should start with the allegations against Col Caughey themselves. A thorough investigation is too critical for saving future lives.

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