Unlawful Command Influence

Unlawful Command Influence in the Military Prosecution of Sexual Offenses

This article; a common sense and accurate perspective on Unlawful Command Influence in Military Sexual Misconduct cases was authored by an anonymous, falsely accused, wrongfully convicted and incarcerated servicemember, whose case has been vetted and who is currently in the appeals process. The service member wishes to remain anonymous so as not to jeopardize the service member’s appeal. The author’s opinions provided here are of the author. SOH has provided commentary.

Save Our Heroes’ Writes Navy Secretary, Demands Court Martial of Navy JAG, Vice Admiral James Crawford

Save Our Heroes’ continues to fight for accountability for U.S. Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator Keith Barry and demands court martial of Navy JAG Admiral James Crawford.

Save Our Heroes’ sends Letter to Naval Chief of Operations, Admiral John M. Richardson, Demands Court Martial of Recently Retired Navy Judge Advocate General, Vice Admiral James Crawford

In a letter dated 17 September 2018, Save Our Heroes, wrote to Naval Chief of Operations, Admiral John M. Richardson. The letter is a demand to order back into the Navy, now retired Judge Advocate General, Vice Admiral James Crawford, to face a court martial.