Parental Alienation in the U.S. Military

Parental Alienation in the U.S. Military by Michael Conzachi, Board of Directors, Save Our Heroes’ Project Parental Alienation. What is it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jPdav5cfMg There have been strong misconceptions and opinions as to what parental alienation is, but parents who have been affected can unequivocally tell you that it is real. This post will attempt to provide the reader with some knowledge and location of resources, in the unfortunate attempt that a parent [...]

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“When a person is facing court-martial in the military, they should understand that the resources and weight of the United States government is being focused against them in order to achieve conviction and punishment.” (Jocelyn C. Stewart, Military Law Attorney)

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Presumption of Innocence

Believe the victim is a term so commonly uttered in the context of sexual assault prosecutions that it’s approaching a cliche. But “one of the fundamental tenets of our criminal justice system requires that we start by believing, not the accuser, but the accused—a concept more commonly known as the presumption of innocence.” Colonel Daniel J. Higgins  

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How does General Woodward make the slightest bit of sense?

How does General Woodward make the slightest bit of sense? At a Chief of Staff summit in regards to sexual assault, Major General Margaret Woodward wants all commanders to “start by believing.” Believe there is a problem, and believe victims when they come forward. This doesn’t go contrary to “innocent until proven guilty,” but balances the rights of the accused with the critical act of believing the victims throughout the process” [...]

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