2018 Accomplishments

Save Our Heroes is very proud of what we have done to support our heroes and a catalyst for change to the military justice system. Here are just a few things our all-volunteer team accomplished in 2018:

Service Member Support

  • Added 30 new clients, which unfortunately increased SOH overall client base to over 300
  • Provided invaluable ‘wingman’ support to three service members in danger of self-harm
  • Counseled multiple accused to understand their judicial ‘rights’, something their military defense Attorneys refused to acknowledge, and in fact wanted to by-pass through railroading a plea for a crime they didn’t commit.
  • Used a fine-tuned SOH preferred lawyer list to help over ten clients prove their innocence
  • Started the ‘Presidential Pardon’ process for a very worthy client
  • Introduced a comprehensive branding campaign to more effective capture the Save Our Heroes’ Mission and Vision

Legislative Impact

  • In 2018, three legislative proposals were introduced in eight visits to Capitol Hill
  • Educated Congressional leadership on the national security threat posed by the military justice judicial system.
  • Fomented a relationship with an influential national policy ‘think thank’ to help fine tune the organization’s political messaging.
  • Teamed with leading DC lobbyists to help shape the SOH legislative agenda

Holding Leadership Accountable

  • Launched three State Bar complaints to hold lawyers accountable for prosecutorial misconduct and further facilitating a lack of confidence and trust in the military justice system propagating a corrupt judicial system.
  • Initiated five Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, critical to acquiring information indicative of corruption in the military ranks and proving client innocence.
  • Filed an official complaint with the FBI & VA OIG demanding a criminal investigation and prosecution of a false accuser.

Volunteer Network

  • Save Our Heroes’ team of volunteers tripled in size during 2018!
  • SOH added to its team a dedicated priest, critical in supporting service members being investigated for false unproven allegations.
  • Held the first SOH annual meeting in San Antonio, TX – Outstanding attendance by an All-Volunteer team!!

Save Our Heroes strongly believes this organization has become nationally recognized and became a catalyst in 2018 for demanding change to the military judicial system. If you think SOH was effective in 2018, wait until you see what we can do in 2019!!

Join our team and become part of national reform for our heroes’ who deserve nothing less!!