Three Days in August (October 2011), chronicles the life story and wrongful conviction of Sgt. 1st Class Kelly Stewart, a highly-decorated Green Beret combat veteran. You can order a copy at

 What people are saying about Three Days in August…

“Three Days in August, vividly captures the horrors a military service member and his family face when falsely accused in the military.” Michael Turpiano, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran

“Well-written and thoroughly researched, Three Days in August paints a convincing portrait of a military justice process that appears to have lacked one essential element – justice.” Author Richard Miniter

“What emerges is a picture of a military establishment willing to throw out fighting men and women to the wolves to appease the Left.” Pamela Geller, Founder

“I couldn’t put it down!” Beverly Perlson, Founder

The photo of this book (pictured) is Major Michael Turpiano’s copy that he received from his wife Jessica while he was wrongfully incarcerated at Medina Annex, Lackland JBSA. The picture of the book still has Major Turpiano’s prisoner identifier at the top of the cover, “T3029”

Michael Turpiano's copy of Three Days in August