The wolf in sheep’s clothing

The wolf in sheep’s clothing

Lying is a manipulator’s most potent weapon. Having impaired conscience they don’t feel bad about lying. If there’s a chance to get what they want by lying, they most certainly will.

Manipulators usually lie in subtle covert ways. Psychologist George K.Simon says that manipulators often lie by withholding a significant amount of information from you or by distorting the truth.

So to detect early on, whether you are dealing with a manipulator or not , ask them direct questions about his or her employment, family, relatives, friends, place of residence, plans, and so forth . If they give vague, inconsistent or evasive replies to you this should serve as a red flag.

It’s often hard to tell when a person is lying at the time they are doing it. Fortunately, there are times when the truth will out because circumstances don’t bear out somebody’s story. But there are also times when you don’t know you’ve been deceived until it’s too late. One way to minimize the chances that someone will put one over on you is to remember that because aggressive personalities of all types will generally stop at nothing to get what they want, you can expect them to lie and cheat. Another thing to remember is that manipulators – covert-aggressive personalities that they are – are prone to lie in subtle, covert ways. Courts are well aware of the many ways that people lie, as they require that court oaths charge that testifiers tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” Manipulators often lie by withholding a significant amount of the truth from you or by distorting the truth. They are adept at being vague when you ask them direct questions. This is an especially slick way of lying’ omission. Keep this in mind when dealing with a suspected wolf in sheep’s clothing. Always seek and obtain specific, confirmable information.


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