On February 12th, 2018 – Save Our Heroes Sends 2nd Letter to FBI & VA Office of Inspector General Re Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Fake Rape Accuser Kathleen Fisher aka Kathleen Konicki of Jacksonville North Carolina.

Originally on August 7, 2017, SOH submitted a request for a criminal investigation of false rape accuser Kathleen Fisher of Jacksonville North Carolina, who manufactured an entirely false rape case against a completely innocent serviceman, to the Charlotte North Carolina Field Office of the FBI and to the Veteran’s Administration Office of Inspector General for an investigation and audit of Fisher’s fraudulent VA claim for PTSD due to Military Sexual Trauma.


Fake Rape Accuser Kathleen Fisher aka Kathleen Konicki

As our investigation revealed and the more than 200 pages of documents supplied to each agency, the case of Kathleen Fisher is perhaps one of the most brazen and aggressive false rape cases that we have encountered, and most worthy of an investigation and prosecution.

We publicized that letter in an article that we posted on October 1, 2017.


In our original letter, we respectfully requested that both the FBI and VA OIG acknowledge in writing, our complaint. To this day, more than six (6) months after our complaint letter, neither agency has responded to our request, nor have any witnesses been contacted.

As such, On February 12, 2018 SOH sent a second letter to both agencies and the letter is available here for download, (by clicking the below link).

180212 Second Letter to FBI & VA Fisher-Konicki

This is the irony and hypocrisy of the military’s sexual assault ‘witch-hunt.’ When Fisher-Konicki filed her manufactured and non-existent rape to the Navy and NCIS, an immediate investigation was launched. Even in this ‘Start by Believing’ and convict by any means necessary culture, her lies were so blatant and obvious, that even the NCIS wasn’t fooled.

In one of the documents in this case a defense comment was made by a female Navy JAG in charge of the facility where the case allegedly occurred. She stated, referring to Fisher-Konicki;

K.K. “is among the most calculating, aggressive, and untruthful complaining witness[es] that I have ever observed.”

If there were ever a case for a prosecution of a false accuser, this is it.

Just as we know that sexual harassment and assault do happen in the military, and when those cases are investigated fairly, without bias or motive, then those individuals must be held to account. What we must also not forget is that due process is part of our military judicial system that must not be compromised, and those who falsely accuse must also be held to account.

We have forwarded our letters to several other media sources and we encourage our readers, if they are as fed up as we are of the lack of accountability of false accusers, to download our letters and send a letter to both agencies.

As we have seen with great frequency in our news cycle, sometimes the only way for government to work correctly is to expose extreme incompetence, indifference, or corruption, and then and only then is action taken.

On December 28, 2017, V.A. Inspector General Michael Missa was interviewed on FOX News and during this interview, emphasized the need for the Office of Inspector General to conduct the appropriate investigation to root out the “waste, fraud, and abuse,”


This case would certainly meet that criteria.

What also must not be forgotten are the vast sums of taxpayer funds that were expended in labor hours and resources used to investigate a crime that never happened. There were over two dozen various professionals involved in this case. Various attorneys, investigators, paralegals, clerks, various individuals of different ranks, laboratory, evidence and crime scene personnel, as well as the use of various resources.

SOH opines and estimates that the cost of the cumulative labor hours and resources could exceed $1,000,000 (one million) dollars. This is a violation of the False Claims Act , Title 31 U.S. Code § 3729 – 3733, and the person responsible for the filing of false claims can be held to account for triple the amount wasted by the government plus additional penalties.

This is just one case and SOH has over 250 cases we are reviewing, most of which we have already vetted, most of which involve false allegations of some type of sexual misconduct offense. Given that we have most likely received only a fraction of the cases of false allegations, the waste to the taxpayer in labor hours and resources could easily top hundreds of millions of dollars, and yet to our knowledge, not one penny has been recovered from false accusers.

Simple logic and common sense for anyone would be to take a closer look at this problem.

SOH is a small organization staffed by all volunteers, however we will continue to push forward this case on behalf of the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted, and to hold false accusers accountable.

SOH is certain that this article and the accompanying letters will circulate on Facebook and other social media platforms which is good, however we ask that those reading this go a step further, download these letters and write your own letter to the FBI & VA Office of Inspector General as well as your elected representatives.

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