Save Our Heroes’ Project has been developing a re-branding and redesign of a new website for the past several months following an organizational change. The launching of the new website was expected to occur in January 2018, however the launching of the new site has temporarily been halted.

Unfortunately, SOH is engaged in litigation and we have retained legal counsel to assist in this frivolous action. The litigation is now a matter of public record.

It is unfortunate that there are forces out there that simply don’t want to hear the truth about the prosecutorial frenzy that has engulfed the military involving false allegations of sexual misconduct and the pandemic of prosecutorial misconduct and military law enforcement agent abuse.

Some in the legislature, some in the military legal system, and some very vocal, and seemingly unhinged special interest groups, continue to push forward a false narrative that there exists a sexual assault epidemic in the military.

While sexual assaults and harassment do happen in the military, the actual rates versus the contrived, manufactured and invented statistics are the difference between a grain of sand and the planet Jupiter.

Given recent news media coverage of an actual decades long pattern of sexual misconduct in the entertainment and news media industry, it would seem that the true and actual ‘rape-culture’ has been exposed.

We have seen first-hand how one-night stands, a divorce, or break-up of a dating relationship have landed many service members in multi-year terms of confinement in military detention facilities, or have been expelled from the military with less than honorable or dishonorable discharges and dismissals. Careers are put on hold, promotions and training are withheld, and even in the best of circumstances where a false allegation results in an acquittal, falsely accused service members face retention boards. A long and distinguished career can be entirely unraveled based on one false allegation.

We have seen the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tier effects that false allegations of a sexual nature have had on families, the financial ruin, family break-up, and in some cases suicide.

While some military prosecutors have demonstrated exceptional ethical integrity, we have also seen a substantial number of rogue prosecutors clawing at the seams to convict service members of sexual misconduct charges even in cases where it is clearly established that the allegations are blatantly false or entirely manufactured.

We have seen examples of disingenuous prosecutors persecuting service members simply to achieve that next promotion. We have seen a level of cowardice on the part of some commanders and convening authorities who have preferred false or entirely manufactured sexual assault and harassment cases to court-martial so as to avoid damage to their own careers. In the mind of some, it is better to send innocent service members falsely accused of some sexual misconduct to Leavenworth for 10 years rather than risk that next star.

We have seen examples where exculpatory evidence is ignored or even destroyed in order to obtain a conviction by any means necessary. We have seen disingenuous prosecutors and dishonest special victim advocates who block paths to the truth in order appease the shrills of some in the legislature, special interest groups, and their own self interests.

We have seen cases that were entirely manufactured from the onset by dishonest service members who used false allegations of a sexual nature in order to exploit the VA system to obtain lavish benefits for PTSD due to Military Sexual Trauma (MST). This is a system in which there are virtually no mechanisms in place to verify claims other than the unproven and unverified word of an accuser. This process has become so brazen and open, that some who have fraudulently procured these benefits have bragged about their exploits on social media. Some have posted photographs of themselves with lavish material objects obtained by ‘gaming the system.’

The current ‘witch hunt’ that we are seeing almost daily in the news media cycle and the “MeToo” movement has crossed over from a system of justice and balance into a mob, complete with pitch forks and torches, ready, willing, and able to eviscerate anyone accused irrespective of facts or evidence. There are also significant reductions to rule of law, and due process and constitutional protections.

Most in the general public have no idea of this vast ‘cottage industry’ and current military system in place to send virtually every allegation of a sexual nature to a court-martial, and in many cases absent any evidence other than the unproven and unverified word of an accuser. Under normal circumstances, there should be some level of probable cause evident prior to sending a case to court-martial, but even in a majority of cases where probable cause has not been established during the Article 32 phase (preliminary hearing), they are being preferred to trial anyway.

SOH opines that in the last ten years or so, as many as 400 servicemembers have been wrongfully convicted or incarcerated for some type of false or invented sexual misconduct offense. If those numbers existed in a civilian justice system, there would be calls for immediate reform with a 24/7 news cycle. Imagine the outrage if this happened in your local community?

For a number of years now, the military has been experiencing its own form of ‘Jim Crow.’ To combat this witch hunt, to expose the liars and fraudsters, to expose the dishonest lawyers and cowardly commanders who are willing to send innocent servicemembers to lengthy prison sentences, takes a significant amount of time and resources.

All Save Our Heroes’ personnel, equally represented by men and women, are unpaid volunteers who have put in thousands of hours of pro bono work to help and support the falsely accused, and wrongfully convicted service members and their families. We offer suggestions to the falsely accused to procure competent legal counsel. Donations to SOH are small and infrequent and in many cases, SOH personnel reach into their own pockets to assist.

In cases where sufficient evidence is present of misconduct on the part of military prosecutors, law enforcement agents, commanders or legislators, SOH will conduct lengthy inquiries, submit Freedom of Information Act requests and refer those concerns to the appropriate governing body. SOH currently has several we are developing right now.

It is very sad that SOH has had to face a frivolous legal action which has taken extensive time and resources away from our stated and dedicated mission, and it is even more damaging to those we are currently trying to assist. Despite this action, SOH volunteers are diligently working to assist those in need and communicating the need for legislative reform of the military justice system to congressional and senate leaders.

SOH will provide additional information regarding this litigation at the appropriate time and upon the advice of legal counsel. In fact, this litigation is defaming and insulting to the hard working, unpaid volunteers of SOH.

We will not be deterred by this action and will continue to strive forward for equal justice for all, and to inform our readers of examples of misconduct when the facts are present.

If anyone is interested in assisting SOH with legal fees in this endeavor, please feel free to visit our donation page.