“NOT GUILTY” on all sex charges – Army MAJ Christopher “Kit” Martin

FLASH NEWS BULLETIN from our friends at MCC…

“NOT GUILTY” on all sex charges – Army MAJ Christopher “Kit” Martin dodges a bullet at court-martial – could have gotten life in prison convicted felon ex-wife’s lies failed to work – hang your head in shame GEN Mark “the hammer” Stammer and the slimy JAG prosecutors MAJ Jacob Bashore and MAJ James Garrett – you didn’t get to send an innocent man to the Leavenworth.

Shame on the two Army JAGS, MAJs Jacob Bashore and James Garrett, who had to know in their black hearts that they were sending an innocent man to the Leavenworth D. B. But Martin’s top-flight civilian defense lawyer Tucker Richardson and co-counsel James Phillips did a masterful job of exposing all the holes and inconsistencies in the government’s specious case.

“Thank God for answered prayer,” said MAJ Glenn MacDonald, USAR (Ret), editor-in-chief of MCC. “I am deeply grateful to our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ for this incredible victory.”

MacDonald, a Mustang officer and three-year combat veteran of the Vietnam war, said he’d slept “perhaps a total of five hours in the last 48. “I am so glad that justice finally prevailed in this case. Now, for MAJ Erik Burris to get a new trial and his accusers be exposed for what they are,” MacDonald said. (MCC)

Please click the link for additional details: http://www.militarycorruption.com/kitmartin3.htm


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