Money For Lies

Paying for lies cannot be the way we achieve justice. Although these payments–Transitional Compensation–are designed to help real victims of sexual/domestic abuse, the military uses them to secure wrongful convictions. The following example happened at Lackland AFB, which was commanded by Brigadier General Robert D. LaBrutta at the time.

Office of Special Investigations (OSI) arrested A1C K for drug use in 2015. However, not satisfied with the drug charge alone, the OSI Agents wanted to get A1C K convicted as a sexual predator. These agents contacted A1C K’s wife and asked her to claim rape against her husband. If she did so, they promised that she would be paid $36,000 for three years. When A1C K’s wife refused to make a false accusation for OSI, the agents threatened to take away her children. Despite their threats, she still refused to lie for OSI, so the agents put a false complaint into child protective services against her. After much mental anguish she was able to keep her children.

This is the same Lackland OSI office that got two of MSgt Michael Silva’s ex-wives to falsely accuse him of rape. Is this just a coincidence or a chilling pattern of military corruption? MSgt Silva is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence.

This is what our military “justice” system has become.