Military False Rape Allegations

“If you divorce me, I will ruin your life; I know how to do it.”

One allegation from a vindictive soon to be ex-wife being asked for a divorce, or one phone call from an angry girlfriend who gets dumped by a serviceman, is all that is needed to set in motion the full military machine; complete with a small army of lawyers, advocates, government paid hack experts who will employ all kinds of “counter-intuitive” slash, psycho-babble bullshit, to ensure a conviction. All who are simply accused of domestic violence or sexual misconduct this is awaiting you. Regardless of truth or validity a conviction is the goal, by any and all means, expense and effort will be employed to achieve that goal.

 Please read more on the case of MAJ Kit Martin at

 If you have family members and/or friends in the military please share with them this article. These injustices can happen to anyone in the military.


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