Major Jacob Bashore Reported as Evil Walking on two Legs

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JAG lead prosecutor, MAJ Jacob Bashore (remember that name, dear readers), was out for blood. Despite the fact his chief witness, a convicted felon and congenital liar, had failed in her attempt to get revenge on ex-husband Martin for seeking to divorce her, he knew MAJ GEN Mark (“The Hammer”) Stammer had expressed a desire to see “Kit” destroyed.

It was Stammer who ignored the fact civilian authorities declined to prosecute Martin. The brutal flag officer is one of the worst sycophantic, “politically-correct” generals in the Army. He was well aware of what the politicians wanted, and insisted a 29-year decorated combat veteran and Army Ranger be crucified, regardless of whether he was actually guilty. Justice takes a back seat to conviction statistics when it means that will take political pressure off the Pentagon.

We have seen men like Bashore before. They are the worst example of aggressive, “the facts-be-damned” killer-attorneys who have no conscience or soul about what they do. There are two types of JAGS – non-lifers who try and retain their honor and integrity before they leave the service, and those who know that promotions and approval come from providing the Command with whatever result they wish. Never mind the “convicted” ones maybe entirely innocent of charges.


The fact that the court-martial panel dismissed the vicious ex-wife’s false charges – charges, we might add, that the prosecution swore was the gospel truth – should have raised a big red flag that perhaps the entire proceeding was a farce.

MAJ Martin gave nearly three decades of his life to the Army. He risked his life many times in combat. Can smug MAJ Bashore say the same for himself? Is the newest notch on his gun belt worth what he did to obtain it? The prosecutor should remember, in the Bible it says: “God is not mocked. . . as you sow, so shall you reap.”

For the misdemeanors of mishandling classified information on a laptop computer and the specious “simple assault” charges Martin was convicted of, his life has indeed been ruined. Pay heed, all those who read these words. The axiom::The army takes care of its own” has now become “Beware. The Army destroys its own.” You could be next.

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