Major Clarence Anderson III

“Hello friends and family of my son, Major Clarence Anderson III. The last post was a blog from the Community of the Wrongfully Accused, and it made mention of there being more to Clarence’s story and even gave a few possibilities on what else could be behind his wrongful conviction. Since nothing could be further from the truth, for the first time ever, I wanted to share Clarence’s side of the matter and have it come straight from Clarence himself. This sixth post is a transcript from an interview he did with the Air Force Times and it details the case in it’s entirety.

 Please remember to share with your friends and family. Additionally, feel free to write to the Air Force Times or any other news organizations to help publicize Clarence’s story at the national level. Sadly, sometimes the only way to get justice is to use social media to bring issues like this to light and embarrass the people who are responsible. In this case, it’s the Air Force and their jaded criminal justice system. Unfortunately, too many of our service members are being wrongfully convicted because the military is afraid of the bad press they’ve received in the past for victimizing the victim. So instead of weighing the evidence and making a decision based on all the facts, their err on the side of caution and convict the service member instead. In Clarence’s case, the words of a liar and someone who committed perjury under oath holds more weight than anything else. Hopefully, after you read Clarence’s account of the events that led to his conviction, you’ll understand why I’m working so hard to free my son.

 Also, please remember to sign the petition and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Finally, tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’m reminded of a famous quote, “God could not be everywhere and therefore he created mothers.” For me, being a mom is the single most important job in my life and with God by my side, I vow to continue fighting with all I have to free my son and clear his good name. I only hope this is the last Mother’s Day my son and I will be apart. As always, thank you for all your support.” (Beatrice Anderson), (Mother of Major Clarence Anderson III)

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