Major Clarence Anderson III, Representative Martha Roby to Lt Gen Nowland

A mother fighting against her son’s wrongful conviction. If you haven’t yet please consider signing the petition for Maj Anderson at

 Beatrice’s message

“Hello friends and family of my son, Major Clarence Anderson III. I hope you were enlightened by my last post which was Clarence’s account of events in his case. He wanted me to let you know how nice it is to get his side of the story out there for you all to read. It’s been a long time coming and it’s a relief to set the record straight. Today’s post is a letter from Representative Martha Roby to Lt Gen Nowland, 12th Air Force Commander, talking about the new evidence and asking him to review this evidence in its totality. She also ask Lt Gen Nowland to keep her office posted on the progress of the case. The second document is in response to Representative Roby’s letter and is from Maj Gen Bergeson and it informs her that a post trial hearing will be held to look at the new evidence. Of special note, the letter states the “military judge has authority to rule on any motions the defense council submits” during the post trial hearing. This is important because the judge in the post trial hearing heard the new evidence and said he didn’t have the authority to make any decisions; clearly this was contrary to what Maj Gen Bergeson’s letter says. In the end, Lt Gen Nowland did not change the original decision, leaving Clarence in prison and his only hopes for release is the mandatory appeal afforded all military cases.

 After you review these documents, I encourage you to write Representative Roby’s office asking her to investigate the inconsistencies between the letter she received and the authority given to the judge in the post trial hearing.

Finally, please continue to share the story and remind everyone you know to sign the petition located at the link below:

Next week I will be traveling to DC in hopes are bringing additional light and attention to Clarence’s case. I hope I am successful and end this unbelievable nightmare.

As always, thanks for your continued support and prayers.

Beatrice Anderson

LtGen Mark Nowland

Rep Martha Roby


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