Lackland sex scandal – The Witch-Hunt of Technical Sergeant Kyle Billiot

“Here’s something you don’t see every day… at least not during the Lackland sex scandal.

Three years ago, a military judge sentenced Technical Sergeant Kyle Billiot to 60 days confinement, reduction to E-1, and a bad conduct discharge. But this Military Training Instructor got an unexpected reprieve. It turns out the defense had reached a plea deal with prosecutors before the trial, allowing their client to serve no more than 45 days in jail, and stay in the Air Force as a Senior Airman.

What heinous crime had Billiot committed, that supposedly warranted knocking him down five grades and kicking him out of the Air Force? This former 323d Training Squadron instructor pled guilty to having sex with a woman attending technical training school, and he was also found to have pursued relationships with two other technical training students.

That’s it. No element of coercion, no obstruction of justice, no misconduct involving actual trainees under his charge at Basic Military Training. Yet the officer presiding over his special court-martial thought it appropriate to not only end his career, but also potentially deny him veteran’s benefits for his 13 years of service.

Of course, Billiot’s “got to uphold the terms of that plea bargain, which were not made public,” an Air Force spokesman noted. “I don’t know what those terms were,” he added. Neither do we – and it’s not clear what sentence he ultimately served. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request for a complete summary of courts-martial involving MTIs at JBSA-Lackland – including whether any relief was granted pursuant to a pretrial agreement – the Air Force made no mention of this plea deal. But such lack of transparency is what we’ve come to expect regarding the Lackland sex scandal.” (Never Leave an Airman Behind)

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