Joan Adele Harmon, aka Joan Adele Harmon-Guerra

More and more details on the case of Major Kit Martin and the never ending lies told by Major Martin’s, now convicted felon ex-bigamist-wife; Joan Adele Harmon, aka Joan Adele Harmon-Guerra

“Take the curious case of Major Kit Martin. His assumed “wife” told her oldest son that his father was decapitated in a logging accident. Turns out that the man is alive and still is in possession of his head. She then married another man, did not obtain a divorce, then married MAJ Martin. She pleaded guilty to felony bigamy, but entered a pretrial diversion program where the charges will be dismissed if she stays clean. She made no allegation that she was physically or sexually abused by Martin, initially, but rather she concocted a story with her alleged lover that MAJ Martin was a spy. When MAJ Martin was cleared by Army counterintelligence after a 3 hour polygraph, she then stated that Martin physically and sexually abused her. When her alleged lover, her alleged lover’s wife, and their neighbor were found murdered in Pembroke, Kentucky, she told the news that MAJ Martin murdered them. Considering her criminal record and her chaotic lifestyle filled with lies that she has lived, one might wonder why the Special Victim Prosecutor (SVP) at Ft. Campbell would feel that she was credible enough to have MAJ Martin charged with the most heinous crime short of murder. Is the SVP getting into bed with crazy?” (COTWA)

Save Our Heroes fully supports Maj Kit Martin and his family during this difficult time.

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