Is There a Cure for Wrongful Convictions?

How many innocent military service members languish in prison for crimes they did not commit? With little to no help from outside organizations the numbers are likely staggering.

“The main reasons behind wrongful convictions are ineffective assistance of counsel, false testimony, police and prosecutorial misconduct, misidentification, junk science, false confessions, and evidence suppression (including DNA evidence).

According to the National Registry of Exonerations, last year saw a new record, with an average of three innocent prisoners being exonerated every week. Exonerations are so common now that some don’t even make the local news. Although the rise in exonerations is good news, we haven’t “fixed” the problem yet, by any stretch of the imagination. We’ve only scratched the surface of the thousands of innocent men and women who have been falsely convicted.”(HuffPost)



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