Fort Hood Nightmare

From the Inbox, Save Our Heroes was asked to share this tragic story to let others know the nightmare that this military family has endured.

“My husband was a MSG at Fort Hood with 19 years 8 months in the Army when he was court martialed. His ex-wife and daughter accused him of molestation 4 years prior. The prosecutor dug until he found any little thing to make my husband look bad. The “investigation” took over two years. During that time he was relegated to a position well below his rank and was at times sent to perform “extra duty” tasks such as mowing grass. Along with the appointed Army attorney we hired a civilian attorney. Our attorneys did as much as the Army would allow them to defend his innocence. My husband’s ex had been telling people for 13 years that she would do anything to ruin him. She even told a friend of ours that she “wished he would touch their daughter so she could get rid of him.” That friend of ours was not allowed by the prosecution to testify. My own mother, who was at our home the day his daughter claims he touched her, was not allowed to testify. While we were stationed at Fort Rucker, my husband was a girl’s soccer coach. Every girl on his team and all the other teams were interviewed. He was charged and convicted of assault consummated by battery because he put his hands on a player’s waist to move her into position during practice. He received a general misconduct charge for the mere act of friending his players on Facebook. He was sentenced to 8 years at JRCF, reduction in rank to E1, and forfeiture of pay/allowances. BUT, when he completes his sentence, he is going to return to duty. He is one of only two at JRCF with a lengthy sentence who will return to duty. We have two children together, a son age 10 and a daughter age 7. Our children have not spoken to their father in over two years. When he requested an exemption to policy to be able to have contact with them, he was instead given a no contact order. The following year he was told that if he were to admit guilt and take responsibility for his confining offenses then he would be allowed contact with his children. The Army has ruined our family and is now using my children as a weapon to obtain a false confession from my husband. But he will not give in and will maintain his innocence until the day he dies or proves himself innocent. I once was a proud Army wife. Now I’m just a proud wife.” (Anonymous)

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