Call For Action! Use your voice; your Right to Free Speech and politely and professionally demand that Major Jacob Bashore be removed from his post; demand that he be investigated for numerous acts of Prosecutorial Misconduct and violations of the UCMJ, and subsequently court-martialed.


Save Our Heroes is aware of two heroes that Major Jacob Bashore knowingly persecuted for crimes they didn’t commit. Read the details here for yourself…


Hero: Major Kit Martin,


Hero: Sergeant First Class Kelly Stewart,


It should be noted that NCFM has already sent a letter to the Army JAG, Commanding General objecting to the appointment of Major Jacob Bashore as an Army judge.


Here is the contact information for the Army JAG CG.

Department of the Army

Office of the Judge Advocate General

Lieutenant General Flora D. Darpino

Commanding Officer

2200 Army Pentagon

Washington DC 20310-2200


Fax: (571) 256-2940


Here is a link to the NCFM article that contains the letter that can be downloaded. Please feel free to politely email the JAG Commanding General and/or contact your elected representatives and send them a copy of that letter.


Please help save our future heroes from Jacob Bashore. They are fighting for you please fight for them.