Beatrice’s message, Mother of Maj Clarence Anderson

Beatrice’s message, Mother of Maj Clarence Anderson…

“Hello friends and family of my son Clarence Anderson; I’ve been receiving requests for his address and the link to sign his petition, so I thought I’d post them both again. I know Clarence would love to hear from you. Every night I read him the comments you leave when you sign the petition, as well as the comments you post on Facebook and they really lift his spirits. It’s amazing how the simple things, like messaging a friend on Facebook or texting your family just to say hi, are things we so easily take for granted. Yet when they’re taken from you and you have no way to communicate with your friends and family, only then do you realize how truly special these simple things really are. Besides missing his children and not being able to kiss them goodnight, having little to no contact with his friends and family is the hardest part about being incarcerated. It’s equally difficult to feel as if your life is completely out of your control and your fate is in the hands of someone else. You keep telling yourself, it must be a bad dream and eventually I’ll wake up. Sadly, this is not the case; this is Clarence’s life and has been for the past year. It is also my life as well. As a mother, I’m living the same nightmare because the pain he feels in his heart is the same pain I feel in mine. It is for this reason I refuse to give up the fight. I will not stop until Clarence is home and our pain finally subsides.

As always, thanks for your continued love and support. On the toughest of days, it’s your support that holds us up. Clarence and I will forever be in your debt.

Here is Clarence’s address:

Clarence Anderson III, PO Box 452136, San Diego, CA, 92145-2136


Beatrice Anderson


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