Air Force Inspector General

On the Air Force Inspector General (IG) “The explanation is simple. This mechanism often exists in organizations to give people the feeling they have control, and to make their authority seem legitimate. The appearance of legitimacy is important for the functioning of organizations. They do this as a failsafe against the masses defying them and making even more problems. This concept has been applied for centuries. The system must offer a chance for those who have been wronged to voice disagreements. This gives the system the appearance of legitimacy – the reason we have the IG. This is not an absolute, but these types of mechanisms very often intentionally fail, as has been demonstrated by IGs before. IG personnel are only in such positions in order to fill their time, get their ticket punched, and move on. It is “good” for their careers.” (TSgt Steven D. Bellino’s website, Battlefield Airmen Beware — Know the full story before enlisting in the U.S. Air Force)


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