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Senior Airman Gonzalez

What just happened? “States case against Senior Airman Gonzalez failed to go to court.” “Air Force takes the case to court martial and gets Gonzalez sentenced to six years confinement and a bad-conduct discharge”

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Forget “Aim High” … the new Air Force slogan ought to be, “screw up, move up.”

Forget "Aim High" ... the new Air Force slogan ought to be, "screw up, move up." Brig. Gen. Mark Camerer – who oversaw the excesses of the Lackland sex scandal commander of the 37th Training Wing – has been selected for another assignment. This lackluster senior leader is responsible for the persecution of countless Military Training Instructors, and he personally ruined the career of Lt. Col. Craig Perry – apparently [...]

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What To Do If Falsely Accused

What To Do If Falsely Accused  "If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime that you did not commit, it can be mind-boggling. We assume that we will not be accused of doing things we did not do, and that the legal system guarantees that we won't be falsely convicted. Unfortunately, false accusations are more common than we would like to think. For example, when DNA testing [...]

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Colonel Christopher Huisman

Col Christopher Huisman Colonel Christopher Huisman has been described as a snake by some of his subordinates and it stands for good reason. "Not long after the inquiry opened, Colonel Christopher Huisman, commander of the squadron to which Turpiano (as well as his accuser and virtually every other witness in the case) belonged, issued a broad no-contact order. The directive contained a list of 38 names, preventing Turpiano from enlisting [...]

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Everyone is becoming a victim in the Air Force

Everyone is becoming a victim in the Air Force…  “It also validates what many have argued for a long time now: that the Air Force isn’t capable of responsibly conducting its own legal system. This is the case because it’s not an organization governed by laws, principles, and values so much as a node of government power led by morally flexible bureaucrats galloping between and among fashionable causes, some internally cherished [...]

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CGIS NE Region guidance

Military law attorney Philip D. Cave shared this with Save Our Heroes… If you have any doubt that military investigators (MCIO) may be neutral check out this recent policy now established within the Coast Guard Investigative Service. "Good Afternoon, Due to a recent change in CGIS NE Region guidance set forth by the Special Agent in Charge, Special Agents assigned to this Region are no longer permitted to meet with defense [...]

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“When a person is facing court-martial in the military, they should understand that the resources and weight of the United States government is being focused against them in order to achieve conviction and punishment.” (Jocelyn C. Stewart, Military Law Attorney)

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Air Force colonel found not guilty of sexual assault at Osan

Apparent Sexual Assault witch-hunt ends in only one conviction of “conduct unbecoming an officer” for spending time with enlisted personnel. He "knowingly fraternize with enlisted persons, on terms of military equality… such conduct being to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces.” This is ridiculous if the military punished every officer for spending time with enlisted personnel off duty, it wouldn’t have very many officers left.   [...]

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