Where Exactly is the Army Hiding Major General Mark Stammer?

Where Exactly is the Army Hiding Major General Mark Stammer?

“If you have been following the stories of the persecution and wrongful conviction of U.S. Army Major Christian “Kit” Martin, you are most familiar with the name, Major General Mark Stammer; the architect of the recent PERSECUTION of Major Martin at Fort Campbell Kentucky.

As several advocacy organizations have investigated and reported, including AVFM, National Coalition for Men (NCFM), Save Our Heroes, Military Corruption dot-com, and Investigative Reporter Bob McCarty; General Stammer has been identified as the architect behind Major Martin’s false allegation circus of a courts-martial, and one of the primary individuals at the center of a Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General investigation, as a result of his retaliatory actions by orchestrating the courts-martial of Major Martin.

Everything that everyone has been saying that is wrong with the military’s current “witch hunt” of male service members is present in the case of Major Martin; which was directed by MG Stammer then enforced by his lackey goons in the Fort Campbell JAG Corps; primarily corrupt prosecutors Major Jacob Bashore, and Major James Garrett and peripherally involving Captain Shawn Atkins, Major Rebecca Farrell, Major Jenny Schlack White, and Captain James Banti.

The military’s sexual assault “witch hunt” is gaining momentum; meaning that the momentum is in the form of advocacy and the calls for the end of this nonsense is going viral. Too many witch hunts, too many examples, too many corrupt military commanders, prosecutors and investigators, too many Salem Witch Trials, too much suppression of the truth, too many destroyed servicemen, and too many devastated families, friends, co-workers and those concerned in the military are taking their toll.

Advocacy groups are doing their part, but the loudest voices are coming from those who are disgusted with the travesty of justice, and they are making sure their elected leaders are hearing them as well.

Advocacy isn’t just the responsibility of AVFM and other groups; it is the responsibility of us all.” (AVFM)

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