Further DISTURBING DETAILS of what transpired in and out of the courtroom in the case MAJ KIT MARTIN

Further DISTURBING DETAILS of what transpired in and out of the courtroom of the case MAJ KIT MARTIN.

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” Sir Edmund Burke

“In a stunning defeat of political correctness and the military’s ferocious quest to convict any and all allegations of sexual misconduct; regardless of veracity or truth, Army Major Christian “Kit” Martin was acquitted of all sex related charges at a Fort Campbell court-martial that concluded on Friday, May 13th.

Major Martin was convicted of several lesser misdemeanor charges including simple assault and mishandling classified information, but that is only part of the story.

Major Martin’s primary accuser; his convicted felon bigamist “ex” Joan Harmon-Guerra’s quest to “ruin his life” has spiraled down to earth like a Japanese Zero fighter plane; shot out of the sky at the battle of Truk Lagoon. If Major Martin had been convicted of any sex related offense, Harmon-Guerra stood to cash in to the tune of over 250K in transitional compensation. Now she gets nada, zip, zilch. Her tax-payer funded lottery ticket just got shredded. We wonder how much tax-payer money was wasted in this circus? A million perhaps; maybe more?

Despicable and unspeakable are not enough. Madness and lunacy would be more right, similar to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 & 1693.

Although Major Martin had the resources and competent legal counsel, advocates and supporters, one can only wonder the injustices that are befallen upon soldiers of lesser rank and lesser means. If this is any sign of the type of military justice that is the norm, our military prisons must be brimming with the wrongly convicted.

This case should have never reached the front door of any courthouse on this planet, but when the Pentagon and rape hysteric politicians screech, scream, and demand that heads are to be served on a platter, this is what we get.

(Majors) Bashore and Garrett didn’t get the rape conviction and 58 years in a military prison that they were hoping for, and only got a nugget. What they have accomplished is that have lit the fire in the bellies of those advocates and volunteers to do everything in their power to insure that the real criminals in this travesty face justice. Stay tuned this case and the advocacy efforts are far from over.” (NCFM)

Read the whole story at http://ncfm.org/2016/05/news/discrimination-news/discrimination-against-men-news/ncfm-update-major-christian-kit-martin-dodges-a-bullet-in-courts-martial-at-fort-campbell-is-acquitted-of-child-sex-abuse-charges/


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